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Premium Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions

BWGC, LLC provides premium cleaning & disinfecting services to residential, commercial, and government clients. 


We employ the latest evidence based infection and contamination control methods, while being at the forefront of future cleaning sciences.

Our clients can have confidence that we go beyond the appearance of clean, to truly provide a safe and healthy environment.

Premium Cleaning Services

Experts in Residential, Commercial, Office, Government, Post Construction, and facility cleaning industry wide.

Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Protection for all facility types, including public spaces, offices, athletic facilities, hospitals, public transport, education facilities, warehouses and most facilities. 

Microbial Swabbing and Testing

Test your facility for pathogens and other microorganisms. Service offered to validate efficacy of disinfecting service

Building Service Management

Premium cleaning & janitorial services for facilities located in Western Washington. 

Government Facility Management & GSA Contracts 

Cleared for access to government facilities. Vast experience with SAM & GSA contracts. LEED Award for aide in certifications. 

Our Services

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