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Extended Anti-Microbial Surface Protection

Surface Guard Biostatic anti-microbial treatments are revolutionizing the way we protect surfaces from harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses, mold and other microorganisms.


Surface Guard is EPA registered as a bacteriostatic, fungistatic (mold & mildew) and algaestatic anti-microbial surface protectant for hard and soft surfaces. 

Why extended protection is so important? Without our Surface Guard Biostat Treatment, minutes after disinfecting an area, microbial activity immediately resumes along with the threat of spreading harmful contamination and reoccurring odors.


With Better World Green Clean's Anti-Microbial Extended Protection  you remain protected for up to three months from a wide range of harmful contaminates including gram positive/negative bacteria, fungi, algae, odor and viruses.


With Surface Guard Biostatic breakthrough technology your area now has a protective shield to minimize the ability for harmful microorganism to grow and multiply. 

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Why Surface Guard Extended Protection is Important

Bacteria and other microorganisms can multiply at a rate that doubles every 15-30 Minutes. One bacterium left from poor disinfection service can lead to billions before you get home from work. That is why we take seriously the task and science of infection control and now prevention. 


1 Minute 


2 Hours


5 Hours

More Than


10 Hours

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